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Hay Products

Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa hay  is the main pillar and natural food for all ruminants (cows – camel – sheep – goat – deer ) or mono gastric herbivore ( horses)

Alfalfa Hay is characterized by containing high percentage of protein in addition to a range of essential vitamins and minerals to feed the animal , as well as a good percentage of calcium which is necessary for the growth of bone and muscle movement.

There are several types of Alfalfa Hay :

– Supreme Alfalfa

– Premium Alfalfa

– Standard Alfalfa

Quality of alfalfa hay:-

The bale size:

– We can provide three strings rectangular single compressed Alfalfa of weight ( 45-450iklgram per bale )

– We can also provide square double compressed (45-450 kg per bale).

Timothy Hay

The product is a favorite of horses which is very useful for all kinds of activities related to private horse breeding and racing horses. It can also be used in the racing camels where it gives results similar to the results of its use in racing horses.

Some grades of Thimothy hay can also be used for dairies.

Available sizes:

– Bales (45-52 kg per bale) Singles or double compressed

Blue Grass

This is an economic product and is very good for Pregnant mares in the last trimester of pregnancy, it can also be used for Low activity horses like riding school horses, entertainment horses and stallion outside the activity period in addition to the horses that need to lose weight. It can also be used for all types of horses by mixing it with Timothy Hay or Alfalfa Hay and it is also used mainly for all deer and herbivores of the wild life.

Available sizes :

Bales (45-450 kg per bale) double compressed.

Orchard Grass

This plant is very good and economical especially for horses of Medium activity , as well as for horses in the growth phase when mixed with Alfalfa in addition to the possibility to be mixed with Blue Grass or Timothy Hay for race horses.

Available sizes:

Bales ( 45-450 kg per bale) double compressed.

Wheat Straw

US wheat straw is characterized by long flexible stem which facilitates chewing for the animal because it is free of strong wood/weed or sharp ended straws that makes it safer for the stomach, where the animal digestive tract will not be vulnerable to cuts and sores or holes.

Also the US wheat protein is between (5% -7%).

This product can be used for feeding sheep , goats, cows and camels, Where it is an excellent source of necessary fibers for the animal digestion activity.

It is also an economic and safe when used as bedding for horses.

Available sizes :

Bales ( 45-450 kg per bale ) double compressed.

Mix grass

A mixture of Hay such as Alfalfa and Timothy or Orchard and Timothy and Bluegrass, That can fit all herbivores, especially the ones in the growth phase, and it is also good in the winter season , where the protein and energy content of which can generate enough heat to face the needs of the animal ‘s body.

Available sizes :

– Bales ( 45-450 kg per bale ) double compressed.

Oats Hay

Oat’s Hay is considered as good and distinct economic and energy and fiber source as well as protein suiting horses and sheep. It can be used in animals producing milk and fattening animals in addition to being as a source of high energy that is efficient for racing horses and camels.

Available sizes :

– Bales (45-450 kg per bale ) double compressed