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Pellets Products

Ostrich Pellets

A mixture of studied and scientifically balanced maintenance diet formula for Ostrich and Emu.

The formula is manufactured in the form of cylindrical pellets considering the mechanical ability of the bird to swallow so as not to cause choking or indigestion or any complications to the mechanism of the digestive system. The main components of the mixture are Maize (Yellow Corn), Barley and Oats in addition to a range of Amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals.

Available sizes :
Bags weight (50 kg)

Deer Pellets

Cylindrical pellets with 6 ml diameter and 14.5 crude protein. The component of the mixture are natural products like Wheat Bran, Yellow Corn, Barley and Dietary supplements of trace elements and essential amino acids in addition to balanced percentage of calcium, phosphorus and some other necessary trace elements.

Available sizes :
Bags weight (30 kg)

Poultry Feed

A high quality matching the requirements of poultry so as to ensure efficiency, productivity and guaranty high conversion rate for the bird. The formula is balanced in a Scientific manner to meet the needs of each bird considering age and production stage.

Have three types of poultry feed

  • Meat Maker 1 (starter)
  • Meat Maker 2(finisher)
  • Egg layer

Available sizes
Bags weight (50 kg)

Dairy Feed

This product is formulated in a way considering the nutritional requirements of the dairy cow to ensure higher productivity. The formula contains Wheat Bran and Yellow Corn, Salts and amino acids. The protein level of the formula is 21% which is ideal to ensure a high percentage of milking.

Sheep Feed

A cylindrical pellet shape prepared in a scientific and studied way to meet the animal nutritional requirements whether the purpose is for maintenance or production or fattening accordingly

There are two types of feed

  • Sheep fattening 15 %
  • Sheep maintenance 13%

The Product in the form of pellets and packaged in bags weighing 50 kg