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Grain Products


Barley is an essential source of protein and fiber for all types of animals and Barley is characterized by its palatability to wide range of animals

The Barley we have is a high quality Australian origin with excellent size and foreign body free, which is characterized by creamy or golden bright color.

We have all forms of barley grain, whether whole grain or crushed or rolled and flaked grains.

Available sizes
Bags weight (30-25Kg/bag)

Oat Grain

Oat grains are considered as an essential component of the feed formula of the racing horse and other animals in general.

Oat grains are characterized by containing suitable protein levels and good percentage of fiber which is highly digestible for the animal, also an excellent source of energy in addition to its ability to stimulate blood circulation and digestive system, raising the performance of animals in general.

The Oat Grains we have is carefully selected considering the size of a grain and the purity of the product from Australian and Canadian.

We have all forms of oats, both whole grain or rolled flaked grains.

Available sizes
Bags weight ( 30-25kg/bag)